Are you…Free Event planning checklist download

•  a project co-ordinator or administrator in a charity, professional body or the public sector such as the NHS
•  a freelance event organiser looking to enhance your skills and knowledge base
•  an event assistant or co-ordinator looking to fast-track your way up the organisation
•  a Personal, Executive or Virtual Assistant delivering high quality meetings and events
•  an event organiser in a marketing and communications department looking to make a greater contribution to the organisation’s event planning

Are you looking…

•  to fill the gaps in any training and development you have already undertaken
•  to understand how to plan and prioritise in the short and long-term
•  to refine and enhance your event administrative skills
•  to have more time to spend on designing creative and innovative events
•  to reduce stress and increase productivity
•  to fast-track and up-skill quickly
•  to draw on the learning of someone else’s successes and failures
•  to minimise trouble-shooting and be one step ahead of what’s coming next
•  to have at-your-fingertip resources to refer to and use without having to re-design the wheel
•  to become an accomplished and confident event organiser

How do I help?

I’ll help you to examine your strengths and weaknesses and ensure that you focus your attention in the right areas to develop and enhance your confidence and overcome any insecurities about event planning.

Regular mentoring and coaching sessions give you the opportunity to explore and challenge your beliefs and see, with fresh eyes, where your attention should be focused. You’ll be able to review your progress, break old habits and build new productive patterns of activity.

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