I’m passionate about upskilling “accidental” event planners in charities, professional bodies and the public sector. I’ve worked within the UK’s healthcare sector for over 21 years.

I actually trained as a graphic designer and, after seven years designing books and being immersed in print deadlines, strict budgets and organising suppliers and contributors, I realised my strength lay in continuing to develop these skills elsewhere.

I jumped ship and became the administrator for a high-profile national programme in a large membership organisation and quickly had to learn to deal with a wide range of people and activities …it was all a far cry from the  creative space I had been used to.

Before I knew it, I was immersed in organising a national healthcare conference with the Department of Health and mainly relying on my initiative to pull me through.

I wish I’d had someone to guide me through the early years and be a sound-board for my slips and trips, questions and concerns, without judging my lack of experience or skills.

It’s taken many years of things occasionally going wrong for me to understand what structures and systems need to be put in place to ensure those fails don’t get repeated. As well as continuing to work on client events, I now take my extensive knowledge and experience to advise individuals and organisations on their projects, empowering them to deliver their own meetings and events more efficiently with less stress with my event training and mentoring programme.

Sharing my tools and resources, as well as my experienced support, led to the creation of The YEM Way.

You’ll get the warts-and-all versions of all my experiences… the missing transport vehicles, speakers booked for the wrong dates, you name it, I’ve probably had to handle it.

I also understand the dichotomy of the stress and satisfaction that comes with working in event management and how it can be addictive, demanding, pressurised and also hugely rewarding.

Being a busy working mum means I appreciate not only what it’s like to juggle several projects simultaneously, but to also manage all the other aspects of real life that need time devoted to them – family and friends, space to focus on health and well-being, and most importantly, getting enough good quality sleep.

I speak at industry events and have presented to a variety of audiences interested in efficient event management.


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