I deliver event training and mentoring that will empower you and your team to deliver perfectly executed events.

Using my extensive event management skills and 21+ years of event planning experience, I've helped deliver numerous
successful events for the public, private and charity sectors.

I am particularly passionate about empowering charities, professional bodies and the public sector to build on the skills
they already have in-house, and deliver events above and beyond their own expectations.

I have supported and mentored many teams and individuals to deliver their events successfully and sessions can be used
to support a specific ongoing project, or be tailored to focus on targeted areas in your event management work.

Do you feel like this?                                        I can help you feel like this...

I’m not a professional event organiser                                             I run my events like the experts

My events could be much better                                                         I have the know-how to deliver events above and beyond expectations

I feel overwhelmed and overstretched                                            I have access to tools and techniques that will save me time and money

I'm an 'accidental' event planner                                                          I have the confidence to manage events whilst juggling my normal work

I haven't organised many events                                                          I have overcome the nerves I feel being responsible for event projects

I'm juggling several event projects                                                      I know how to prioritise what needs to happen and when

I'dd like to save money on my events                                                 I know how to budget and negotiate effectively

My event team needs more support                                                  We have access to the expertise that has transformed our event organisation and delivery.

What is Your Event Mentor?

Your Event Mentor will train, guide and empower you to deliver your events with perfect precision on time with minimum stress and maximum confidence. Discover more...

The YEM packages

“The workshop I participated in made a significant difference to the way I plan and deliver events.
I regularly refer to the Toolkit and the templates, in particular, are really useful and
have removed the fear of missing out key information when contacting delegates.
Communication with delegates has improved, and set-up time has reduced.
I would definitely recommend Your Event Mentor.”
AW, Charity Programme Co-ordinator

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