Free Event Planning checklistHow I work as Your Event Mentor…

My mentoring and coaching comes from 20+ years’ experience in corporate events ranging from 10-500+ people and has a two-pronged approach:

The access to all my resources and planning tools

I’m not an “event management trainer” but all my experience and techniques are packaged into easy-to-use tool kits and supplemented with modules of learning that go into a level of detail beyond the usual event management courses.

You’ll be fully resourced with carefully prepared paper and electronic templates, worksheets, forms and trackers all ready to use, saving you time and money. These have been developed over many years of understanding that the event delivery process needs carefully structured tools to automate a lot of the administration that goes into event planning.

I know what creates stress in the planning process and I  also know what techniques and tools help to overcome that stress… leaving you to focus on delivering rather than dithering.

You’ll get all the tiny belt-and-braces techniques that make an event flow more smoothly and minimise trouble-shooting… because once an event starts, there’s very little time for handling major problems.

All of these resources are delivered through a mix of face-to-face workshops, masterclasses on specific topics, and remote learning modules.

You’ll soon hone the planning and delivery processes until they are 2nd nature to you.

The access to a supportive and collaborative partnership

Even today, after organising events for over 20 years, I know what stress feels like doing something new (yes, I still organise events as that’s how I continue to learn and develop), so I can empathise with all my clients, when working in uncharted territory.

The mentoring sessions provide you with a confidential, guiding hand and shoulder to lean on (or cry on) when you’re not sure what you’re doing or when you’re spinning so many plates, personally and professionally, priorities begin to slip and overwhelm creeps in.

I don’t judge your lack of focus or failures (but I will celebrate your successes with you!) and no detail goes overlooked if it’s something you need to tackle.

All support is personally tailored for you and developed as the journey progresses.

You’ll get “me” not an associate, and I’ll give you 100% of my attention to nurture your growth towards clarity and confidence on any project you’re working on.

I have supported and mentored many teams and individuals to deliver their events successfully and sessions can be used to support a specific ongoing project, or be tailored to focus on targeted areas or challenges in your event management work.


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